About Alice Hartley

A full time mum to Kingsley, and as of January 2019, twins Elektra and Keanu. I have taken a break from an intense corporate existence spanning two continents and two careers to rear our children, while enjoying extensive travel and blogging my musings about daily life living in Dubai, Greece and Sydney as a family. I enjoy restaurants, hotels and spas, exercise and travel, portraiture and the celebrations. My best friends live all over the world, my husband is cabin crew so my second home is among the clouds up at 40,000 feet. My favorite thing to do is take photos.

Born and raised by the surf of Sydney’s beaches, I moved from my beloved Australia to Dubai in October 2008 to be with Erroll. Our small family has lived among the high-rises of Dubai’s financial district. And now as of November 2018, we’re beachside in Sydney! Both way the views are extraordinary!

Alice Hartley: f/4.2; 1/60sec; ISO-200; Metering Mode: Pattern; Flash Used

Alice Hartley: f/4.2; 1/60sec; ISO-200; Metering Mode: Pattern; Flash Used

10 Responses to About Alice Hartley

  1. Erin Martin says:

    What a fun and powerful website! I have always loved the way you tell a story and now the world gets to hear them whenever we want!

    Thank you for sharing your talent and gift of storytelling through a camera!

  2. Love you and your project! Keep these gorgeous pics coming! 🙂

  3. Alice says:

    Why, thank you for your compliment Sara. And my aim does indeed include covering barmitzvahs however the possibility of doing so in Dubai is limited. Might have to pop on over to Melbourne to do so! Alice x

  4. My Homepage says:

    This kind of lovely blog you’ve, glad I found it!?? 270696

  5. Amanda Hicks says:

    What amazing, gorgeous and lush photos: they make me want to travel, want to eat, want to stop and smell the roses…. The most amazing thing is that these photos capture not just a beautiful image, and a real feast for the senses. Spectacular work!

    • Alice says:

      Dear Ms Hicks, soon enough you will be travelling to the Middle East and we shall rendevous in order to eat, stop, smell and snap away. Roll on 2013…

  6. modupe says:

    dear alice, you came to my fashion show and surprised me with the most beautiful pictures.
    what a gift. thank you so much.

  7. Hey, thanks for sharing I always look forward to reading your posts one of the few blogs I still follow home decorated

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