22-07-20 Kingsley: Day off School

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

First day off sick from school and Kingsley is full of beans, loving and affectionate with his siblings. Perhaps its the fact that he doesn’t get screen time this morning; that he’s interested in his bro and sis, bouncing on beds, hugging them and chattering away (in Greek, as if they understand more in our native tongue!)

Staying home with γιαγιά he gets the rest Dr. Eliades recommended plus I get to walk Centennial Park with school buddies Quyen and Gloria, and Erroll does a huge Bunnings run for the Elizabeth Street apartment. So at home Kingsley gets all the attention from γιαγια who feeds him chicken pilaf for breakfast and continues to feed him till I get home with the twins at 2:30pm.

Thinking I’d meet a poorly child at the door, I’m thrilled to see before me a robust child wanting activity. You want activity darling Kingsley? Then I’m taking you to French lessons with Miss Coco. Sure he fussed even cried claiming he wants to stay home but I know better. French it is.

So finally I revive our eldest son – mumma moments rare as they are these days: by walking to school together hand in hand. Singing and yelling, Kingsley loving it but then asserting his fledgling manliness with “shhh mum, stop singing…” each time we’d approach other humans.

Just 20 minutes together but those 20 minutes waking in sunshine put that seal of satisfaction back on our relationship.