01-11-16 Home with the Family

Tuesday 1st November 2016

Another day spent at home after the big day we spent outdoors yesterday. It’s almost necessary to rest beteeen huge days out in the desert. Yesterday we exhausted ourselves at the opening of LEGOLAND Dubai so much so that when I put Kingsley to bed for his late afternoon nap, at 5pm, he never woke up. In fact he only woke up at 9:30am today – over 16 hours passed out.

So I decide that a day playing with his toys, and with his parents will be the better option than taking Kingsley to the park or pool. Today the little man ate a wheel of Babybel, one  egg, a banana, a slab of steamed salmon, a baked sausage, a bowl of buttery Peppa Pig pasta shapes, seaweed crackers, a crisp NZ Jazz apple, half an juicy orange from Malaysia and some cows milk. All I seem to be doing is preparing food or feeding him. Erroll received a banana smoothie from me; that’s it. Poor neglected husband. Still he got to sleep in till 4:45pm!

The games and activities Kingsley entertained himself with today included: kinetic sand and molds; naming pictures in his book; drawing and writing; playing in the bath; helping me with the laundry; kicking his ball and napping for a couple of hours. Very exhausting being a toddler!

This is what we got up to yesterday…



img_9425 img_9430 img_9436