30-07-20 Twins: Koala

Thursday 30th July 2020

Daddy goes off to paint the Elizabeth Street apartment and we do the crazy dance just to get out of the house. Sheer chaos in the morning I really don’t know how I manage to get both Keanu and Elektra out of the front door clean, fed, washed, changed and in cute clothes.

But I do thanks to γιαγια and her magnificent cooking which feeds these mouths morning and night. Breakfast today is chicken and pasta bake. The kids lap it up!

We’re off to Bondi Junction for administration and shopping but really its to lull the babies to sleep. Playing Enya does the trick though Keanu cries for my hand and a couple of times we stop the buggy so that he takes my hand, covers his face and visibly relaxes.

Keanu today naps once; Keanu twice. Bedtime is 7pm for the lady and 7:30pm for Keanu after their wild play with cars (him) and strolling a baby in the pram (her) while Kingsley thrashed about smashing toy cars everywhere.