21-05-17 DXB-Phuket

Sunday 21st May 2017
A first and most newsworthy event I witness: Kingsley falling asleep by himself without complaints or fighting it and without asking for back scratches or rubs.

Enticing him to ‘come lay down in your nest’ was a different matter: delirious from the exhaustion of airport travel, missing out on a nap today and his 8pm bedtime plus OBSESSING over a new kiddie movie called Storks on the Emirates tv screen all combined made the little man completely agitated and restless. But entice Kingsley to at least sit on the nest I’ve created (4 pillows and 6 blankets) leads to him telling me its time for nanni.

Mind you its 11pm, we’ve been on board for a couple hours already, his eyes are almost bleeding from watching Storks, he’s just eaten a few bites of chicken & rice (full belly?) and its been 15 hours since we all woke together this morning. The kid passes out immediately. As I write this its one hour till we land in Phuket. May he sleep till then.