11-08-18 Hoop Dreams

Saturday 11th August 2018

Today I’m in a state of anxiety and mild panic since tomorrow morning we fly to France and not much has been arranged other than our flights to and from Lyon. Of course even these are giving me grief as Kingsley’s name is incorrectly spelt on his tickets and our booking agent ‘can’t help us’ nor can Aegean as they’re not working today (!).

Diverting my distress into packing I do so sensibly (inclement French weather): one jacket each; one pair of trainers each; one pair of flip flops each) and stuff all sorts of greek treats into our case; κουλουράκια and τσουρέκι are always enjoyable night and day.

But hanging around the apartment watching me lose it over the phone to numerous faceless ‘agents’ maketh not a great Saturday so we get out of the house.

I let Kingsley choose our path for 1.5 hours; didn’t push him this way or that. He led me. And I followed him through our town square, to Σημπόσιο for a γύρο in πίτα then round our neighbourhood looking for open gates.

We found one at last and what did it lead us to but a child’s basketball hoop…and basket ball! Needless to say i dumped our bags in the shade of a fig tree and we both shot hoops for the next good while.