09-08-19 Kingsley: Back-to-Back Lessons

Friday 9th August 2019

Something in me said that Kingsley would benefit from a second lesson in Jiu-jitsu today; one with the older, more serious kids. So after his whacky unruly 45 minutes among the 5 and 6 year olds, I encourage him; nay, bribe him to join Coach Mike’s next class.

The bribe is in the firm of a visit to JB HIFI which didn’t have so much currency. So the white lie is born: I’d give Kingsley a phone. He bites. So in he joins, onto the mat proudly wearing his grey belt, a little bashful to be among the bigger students though comfortable with buddy Spencer by his side.

And it is with Spencer he spars. Mighty clashes of strength and courage. I see two boys with developing cores and determination to be dominant though not hungry to be aggressive. Skills and discipline emerging from their stoushes. I hand over tova fellow mumma young Keanu in order to take photos, the two boys serious in the fight…then squealing pals telling jokes in each other’s ears when at rest.