Full Time Mumma: One Month at Home

Wednesday 4th March 2015

How can this be? An entire month has passed as a stay-at-home mumma. How fast did that fly by? To celebrate we woke in a leisurely fashion (our usual), with the little champ doing us proud with a 8:30AM wake up. This is bliss, let me tell you, since I nowadays enjoy staying up late while he is sleeping, just pottering about and reading the news online.

With only a week till we as a family fly for Australia, its now the time to begin bidding farewell to our Dubai-based mates. Tonight we had the excellent Panesars over – Min and Aman – along with their six month old daughter, Haarleen. I fed them roasted chicken and veges. The kids did not complain once, us adults having them stay up till 10PM, and played really cutely together. Kingsley wanted to pat Haarleen kind of hard on the head, but that is to be expected from a boisterous toddler with a zest for life.

Panesars Toobys 011

Min loving Kingsley when he was six months of age

Panesars Toobys 002

Amendeep and our six month old, at the Panesar’s villa


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