22-10-17 Ball-Boy

Sunday 22nd October 2017

Will this fantastic weather ever abate? Hope not since Erroll will be here in exactly 2 weeks. A family of three reunited we will beachcomb for ten days straight. Today Kingsley and I did exactly that: beachcomb. Dig holes, collect pebbles, find shells, kick the ball around, swim and ‘build a bbq’…

However his favourite beach activity of 2017 is most definitely assuming the role of ball-boy when the locals play racketball. Kingsley’s like lightning after the out-of-bounds tennis balls. Any spot the ball lands on the sand is his. The players love it (obvious reasons) and him. Proudly does he run back to the action, ball held high over his head and when close to the game he now knows to wait till the current game is over before handing the ball over to a player.

And every time the ball-boy brings back their stray tennis ball the players stop, give him the thumbs-up, a thank-you and loads of praise. Kingsley is part of the racketball action of Saronītha no doubt about it.