21-12-17 Ibn Battuta Santa

Thursday 21st December 2017

A letter Linus wrote Oma…

Oma look how happy I am in Santa’s lap.

This one is a sweet Santa. We met him at Ibn Battuta Mall today being Thursday. He asked me what I want for Christmas and I replied ‘to give presents to the children in need’. Mummà beamed when I looked at her. Santa gave me a long hug, shoved an iced snowman cookie in my hand and said something to mumma which made her look very happy. Obviously I said the correct thing. Its what we do here anyhow-we give pressies during Christmas.

I asked mumma today whether I am poor or am a child in need. She answered no then rambled on her explanation. No pressies for me then!

Mummà told me how she chose a pressie to wear today given to her by you, my Oma: this fantastic chocolate ruched top. Daddy called her sexy today when she put it on (I heard; mumma blushed; daddy looked giddy). I would like to thank you Oma for choosing her gift so well and making my mum feel beautiful in it.

Love your Number One Grandson