01-03-17 Satwa Park

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Thought to mark the start of March with a day trip to the excellent (and close by) Satwa Park. It is also the third day in a row that I am exposing Kingsley to the great urban outdoors, and as I should since the weather is mild and the child is energetic.

We set out of course after feeding the champ breakfast and a hearty lunch, hitting a surprisingly empty park which was a blessing in disguise as Kingsley roamed about playing on all the rides and running the entire perimeter before spotting another little person whom he pursued for company, with admiral determination.

Between the Greek Kingsley spoke and the Nepalese (I am guessing) she spoke they actually communicated expertly once they figured a type of broken English they shared did the job very well. Kingsley insisted he was Peppa Pig and she was her little brother George, where as the little girl insisted she was Peppa Pig and Kingsley was the lowly George. This banter went on for an hour as they chased one another. I heard alot of laughter and they played well.

Later on, another child and his nanny made an appearance, the little boy in tears and wearing a school uniform. He was shorter than Kingsley, standing some distance away from his seated nanny, and was crying. For a moment I could not fathom our little boy attending institutionalized schooling yet. Kingsley turns to me and says “he is crying; he wants company”. I of course encourage my child to invite the boy to play, which Kingsley does and after some time all three kids have warmed up and are chasing soap bubbles being blown into the air by the nanny who in my eyes finally redeemed herself.