16-02-20 Kingsley: Frank & Νονά

Sunday 16th February 2020

An angel in the form of Marlen swoops in from the back gate and rescues me from the traumatic inevitability of coping with Kingsley as well ss the babies on a Sunday afternoon. For Erroll has driven to work, and I’m nervous about all 3. Coping only just I am! You see I don’t want the babies crying nor do I want Kingsley to miss critical educational school elements such as reading and spelling because I’m tending to the twins.

So as Erroll drives out, Marlen and γιαγιά drive in. Of course you can take Δωρόθεος to dog park Marlen. Of course he’s allowed a McHappy meal! Yes, yes, go for that long walk together!

Off on their adventure they go Frank and Νονά proving to be the best company on a Sunday arvo.