Kingsley: 11-12-13 Going Home

Today I endured something that really made me upset. They call it a ‘car ride’. It stunk. Well, actually, the car did stink, as did the road. Petrol and gas, pollution, plastics and odours I did not enjoy sniffing. Yuk. And rest assured, I bellowed in protest!

Don’t get me wrong; I am not being unappreciative of the kind gesture offered to us by mum’s lovely friend Erin – who contacted mum asking whether we need a ride home from hospital. Indeed we did as dad could not chaperone us. He had been pulled out to fly on a turn-around. He would be returning at midnight, so at least we would all snuggle together in the darkness. But for now we needed a friend to volunteer her services to deliver us safely home from hospital and lo! Erin was the gracious girl to do so.

Mum was emotional and very tired the afternoon City Hospital discharged us, so it was the calm and experienced mummy, Erin, who buckled me into this car seat, then into her waiting carriage. Then all three of us drove gingerly through the streets of Dubai, my siren whales piercing the quiet of the afternoon.

Hey, you cannae blame a fella: this driving lark really is stinky!

Home time from City Hospital, at 5pm on 11th December 2013

Home time from City Hospital, at 5pm on 11th December 2013



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