31-01-19 Day 9

Thursday 31st January 2019

Keanu remains in NICU while Elektra is with me on the ward, the midwives encouraging me to super charge feed her as much as I humanly can. This means I don’t receive more than 2 hours of sleep per night. Its boobing and expressing non stop for us in Suite 37. These activities plus endless visits from various healthcare professionals to examine me, administer pills for pain and injections to stave off blood clots.

Meals are bland in the extreme. Soft and bland, boiled veges and meats come away from the fork too easily. I nonetheless eat what the lunch ladies provide me. Soy milk in small tetra packs are my latest taste obsession: in a swamp of tasteless meals soy milk is delicious. The lunch ladies bring me two packs every morning tea having adopted me here on the ward living among the hospital staff so long now. Doubtess they pity me…but to my (our) benefit: we’re all safe under medical expertise; Keanu remains in Level 1 NICU examined daily on the Rounds; I have access to something Kingsley never required: formula; and Erroll can fly satisfied that his family is safe.

Daily visitors are a treat. Of course Jiajia Dora is with us often, lugging Kingsley along with her who by the way become more and more interested in the bebĕ. They bring me refreshing grapes and wholesome nuts. My hunger is insatiable.

Margot’s apparition appears today on the ward. What a treat!

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