Kingsley: Μπαμπά Arrives

August 30th August 2018

Timing was impeccable for Erroll’s trip to be with us: first day of the new academic school year begins on Monday and Erroll is here!!

Its impossible to wake Kingsley to get to school for 8:30 but we manage 9:15 and jolly good effort since the local priest is running late so the blessing of the school liturgy is delayed. And we make it!

Kingsley of course adores the ritual of our faith especially holy water sprinkles and lighting the frankincense & myrrh, the smoke of which all the kindy kids wave and blow away.

As a treat to acknowledge Kingsley’s impeccable behaviour and great respect for all his teachers at school (and especially making Miss Maryanna his new teacher feel loved and valued) we take the child to a beach club, Tahiti.

(Its as much for us as it is for him but no matter!)

The Saturday before Kindy begins we’re at Eden Beach Club

Erroll watches the three scamps sing and play at Tahiti

First day of Kindy