19-08-19 Kingsley: Ayla

Monday 19th August 2019

Ayla has always been on Kingsley’s radar ever since they met at her dad’s jiu-jitsu Dojo back in January. During the Easter Egg Hunt Coach Mike put on at Centennial Park, the two kids didn’t leave each other’s side as they gathered chocolate eggs from under giant Morton Bay Figs. Later they sat by the lake to eat sausage sandwiches drowned in tomato sauce.

Today we took the opportunity to treat Ayla to Kingsley’s favourite icecream: Bulla frozen yoghurt. And not just one each; two. Straight after class Keanu and  I, Ayla and Kingsley head to Eastgate shipping centre for icecream, seaweed crackers and a play. As well as play, these two snuck in a cheeky five year old kiss…