Twins: 1Yr+04Mths

Saturday 23rd May 2020

These two rascals are in a transition phase of day time naps. They’re desperate to rest yet fight it!

At 1 year and four months of age (16 months already!) they wake around 6:30am, Elektra loving her two naps, Keanu absolutely still needing at least one (though is in a much better mood come evening when he’s had two) then passing out at around 7pm.

On the brink of walking unaided though I am in no rush to speed this along. Both will stand up unaided, do squats, laugh from the thrill of it all, then plop back down. A couple of times now I’ve caught Elektra walk a few steps unaided and she squeals in delight.

Pulling each other’s hair is a national pass time, and with Keanu often coming off second best (Elektra is heavy handed and hits him hard on the head closed fisted!) he cries then she strokes him when I tell her to do ‘ay-ay’.

Food is not their passion any longer, oh how it was when they were 6 months of age! Nowadays they want to play with toys (him) and be carried about (her).