12-09-17 JiaJia Duties

Tuesday 12th September 2017

I’m getting major headaches going to IKEA by public transport while Kingsley receives an education in Miss Xrisoûla’s classroom. From today Kingsley is put up to a higher class. Miss Sophia called me in (just as I was about to walk to the bus stop to catch the 122). She started with a tone which had me concerned. I walked in to her office wondering and waiting for the worst (Kingsley beat a kid up; Dorøtheos is insubordinate; are you allowing him too much screen time again Aliki??). But it was none of that. Quite the opposite in fact. After close inspection of his behaviors in and out of the class, as well as his interactions with others and his abilities to tackle problems, the school has decided to move him up a class. As of today Dorøtheos will be among peers with whom he will share aptitude and guidance given by a teacher who will challenge these older kids with an education geared to crank their minds into higher gears.

Meanwhile I am schlepping across Attika searching for IKEA. Hours is spent (lost) on busses and trains but I succeed in buying pretty things for the tiniest apartment on Earth. JiaJia Dora is thus obliged to do the after school run with this little champ. He’s as content as a puppy: they play at the park, go for ice cream, run in the town square, tinker at the ATM,eat a banana. Then like clockwork Kingsley’s bum knocks on the door. Ka-ká. KA-KÁ!!! JiaJia duties ended once they got home and he sat on the loo.