18-04-19 Elektra: Bassinet

Thursday 18th April 2019

While Keanu sleeps it off his milk, Elektra and I go for a walk. This time not wearing her, but pushing her along in a bassinet. Its comfy for both of us!

For some reason both babies are unsettled throughout the day. Keanu at least naps relatively easily. Elektra wants either to held up high anf walked (there is no sitting down with her) or to hang from a boob. By 4pm I’m tired of going for walks around the house with her on my shoulder and breastfeeding her. Done. But she is not. So out we go. Down Brook Street and round the neighbourhood. Elektra is a dream baby!

Immediately does the fake crying stop. Instantly she is quiet and all eyes looking to the sky and up into trees. An hour into our walk and she’s still looking. But she’s fading and by the time we’ve entered Woolies our girl has nodded off.

This of course buys me an hour of quiet time to contemplate my day with the twins while Erroll is away on Queensland with Linus. Our highlights: 1) Elektra’s extraordinary poonamie covering her back and remarkably left shoulder; 2) singing along with me ‘παλαμάκια παίξετε ο μπαμπάς μου έρχεται…’; 3) giving both babies a taste of banana (a hit!).