31-12-20 Twins: Free Painting

Thursday 31st December 2020

The babies keep surprising me with their caring natures. This morning Elektra wakes cries and demands to get out of bed but I’m not having any of it for I’m still very tired from staying up late writing letters and critically Keanu is still asleep having fallen asleep much later than her last night. I just won’t have any of it Elektra: get to bed. And I offer her water. Lots of water. Lots of wet nappies too (I change her twice throughout the night; Keanu none) then once dry she’s sound asleep till we are all ready to rise at 8:30!

To round out the year on this overcast day I am led by them. And they both lead me into the laundry, open a cabinet, reach up and grab one bottle of green non toxic acrylic paint and one bottle of red. They wish to paint!

And sloppy paint they do! No point in me trying to give them each small blobs of both colour, and confiscate the bottles. No! I tried that and the hysterical protests I couldn’t brar. They want to squirt the bottles till they’re empty. And they do! Then they paint each other!

My job now is to wash each child clean of paint. And the protest, howls and squeals begins the minute I turn on the hose. I must hose them down! The place is splattered in paint so I must hose the entire bloody mezzanine, up the stairs and the back door. Clean babies no longer crying warming in the sun, ready to be put to bed, and daddy will do that today!

Earlier in the day we FINALLY make time to opening Christmas presents sent by the Grays and Oma. Elektra gets a unicorn backpack which Keanu is obsessed with. Both babies recieve sand play tools and now I’m thinking to invest in a sand pit.