07-12-19 Kingsley: 6th Birthday

Saturday 6th December 2019

Darling son, your 6th birthday day could not have flowed any better than it did. What a bright spark you are! So generous and loving! I could not love you any more than I do nor be more prouder of how you’re developing as a young man.

Here’s your special day: at jiu-jitsu you display discipline and skills. Your take-downs are strong. Yet you bow and shake hands after each spar like a gentleman. At the end of class each of your mates get some of your clothes: t-shirts & shorts. Now that you’re 6 we are done with clothes sized 5!

Home for lunch, to play LEGO (what a surprise winning gift!) then down to Goldstein Reserve Coogee for the PJ Masks concert: Catboy, Gekko & Owlet singing just for you. Keanu wants out of the pram so we plonk him in the grass and let the theme song carry our limbs for a danceoff.

Daddy arrives to surprise you on your birthday and guess what? You show him a gaptooth smile! Front tooth is under the pillow. The next two hours are spent in the rides: a green unlimited rides band is on your wrist and you make good use of it. Favourite ride: the extreme slippery slide on the sack. I swear you’re airborne far too many times! Once you stack it!

Hot chips are next before a swim among the waves. Here you spot Teddy from your rugby league team The Dolphins but emotions are running high: you both argue with one another over the dead ladybirds washed up on shore.

Νονά spots you at Woollies so whisks you home where cousins Jiji & Pipi spend the evening trampolining with you then eating Magnums.

Γιαγιά rounds out your birthday day with presents: all the love in the world we hold for our first born and I know you feel it too. Happy birthday to you.