02-08-16 Alvin & The Chipmunks

Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Ever since I read that Alvin and the Chipmunks are touring Dubai, I have made it my mission to take Kingsley along to their concert. You see he fell for them this summer while we holidays in Saronîtha: Nic Junior played the cartoon every afternoon; he got hooked. For five weeks we listened to Alvin’s autotune voice sing songs vaguely bordering teen angst…but not really. They were more along the lines of being bored at school / preferring to play rather than doing homework / disobeying adults who are actually good people so you really shouldn’t disobey them in the first place. Banal stuff, but great hooks for kids. Plus the autotune voice: that’s the deal-maker I swear, for toddlers.

So off we went to the Mall of the Emirates for the concert, Mumma Dôra keeping our shopping safe at the back of the crowds, while I shuffled to the front with Kingsley fighting me all the way (he would rather get lost among the thong than secure the moshpit gold ticket I was after, the silly boy). Alvin and his freckle-faced crew sang, danced and rallied the crowd to clap along. Kingsley was having none of it. Twice however he attempted to run on stage, but was stopped by Alvin’s bodyguard. And later, after the show, we weren’t meant to gain entry in the VIP after party area though Kingsley, like a boss, walked right in, I followed, Mumma Dôra blushed, and I cheekily managed to get some photos of a very happy boy in front of his idol band, The Chipmunks, before we got ushered out.

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