27-09-19 Elektra: Shower

Friday 27th September 2019

A first! Due to stinky bum x 2 and messy hair x 2 and breakfast of avocado + banana smeared over two face and four limbs I had to think fast: for both babies began grumbling and yearning for their first nap of the day…and I’m by myself with dirty, tired twins. Arghh!

What to do but put Keanu in the bathroom sink and allow the very advanced Elektra to take a shower all by herself! Add an activity set to her stackable cups and viola! Instant entertainment, diversions and cleanliness all at once.

Meanwhile Keanu is freshebe, dried, dressed and with a warm bottle of milk off to la-la land. Bless him our big boy holds his own bottle for naos. Elektra, well she holds the boob too.