Kingsley: Victoria’s Secret

Friday 15th August 2014

Today Kingsley was the boss of Dubai. So much attention showered upon one baby I have not experienced; everywhere Oma,, Mumma and King went, we were stopped and the infant was admired. And no more so that at Victoria’s Secret in the Mall of the Emirates. Here two beautiful Emerati ladies became smitten with our boy and took him for no less than half an hour of cuddles and sing-a-longs.

The sisters, Amina and Muno, hail from neighbouring Emirate Al Ain. They were shopping with their other sister, who is getting married, and their mum who of course was chaperoning these still-single local girls.

We all became so friendly during our collective shopping experience that numbers and emails IDs were exchanged, photos were taken, personal histories were divulged (Amina is ” not normally this size;” Its the corticosteroids she is prescribed for a gut disorder that makes her weight balloon), and selfies were shown as evidence of a life without the hijab. That the greatest compliment was given to me was not at all lost: with Kingsley in her arms, Amina invited me to their sister’s wedding.


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