09-01-20 Kingsley: Tennis & Jiu-jitsu & Rainbow Birds

Thursday 9th December 2020

Singing our way down Clovelly road thus evening you suddenly call out ‘rainbow birds! and looking up into native trees you show me your beloved rainbow lorekeets, the birds in your current favourite night time read  Lucy’s Cat and the Rainbow Birds’. Lucy’s cat is named Artemis, the hunter. You know this as you like to learn about the Greek gods of Olympus, Artemis being one of them. She of course has a blonde blue eyed twin in Apollo.

Today’s been intense on the physical exercise front my child and you’ve risen to the challenge. A day of hitting tennis balls in the summer heat then jiu-jitsu. But I’m your favourite mama. No other mama brings their budding tennis stars an ice cream do they! I do, for you. And yoghurts and bananas…

On the mat you’re put against Anthony the Titan. He’s a strong unit, solid, stocky, bulky. He uses that mass of his to defeat you but you won’t submit. No points awarded. Best fight of the day!