24-04-17 Monday School Run

Monday 24th April 2017

When the alarm goes off this morning Kingsley has been up 45 minutes. This is the kind of enthusiasm for school and learning I hope he continues for the next 14 years. In fact I’ll be showing him these shots of when he’d literally run onto the little yellow school bus – without so much as a kiss for his mummă – ready to be transported by the kind Mr. Mixăli behind the wheel. Oh and lets not forget the sweet and youthful Miss Xristīna the attendant. She’s the one Kingsley gives up his Minions-themed school backpack as he plops in his seat. Its her hands which buckle Kingsley up then unbuckle him after the 20 minute drive to Lagonīssi.

Kingsley’s used to the obligatory morning photograph and on cue smiles with a ‘cheese!’ then in Greek of course (I do forget myself sometimes) says ‘tirī!’

No tirī for breakfast this morning though; an apple, mandarin and buttery Greek bread from the foūrno stuffed in his awaiting mouth did the trick all while watching cartoons. And I no longer fret whether he’s eaten enough for school because the kind teachers from all three classrooms corral the kids for their 9am breakfast and when I ask any of them I get an affirmative – that Dorötheos chose either a piece of cake or a koulourāki or some tiröpita.

I just wish Miss Sophia would allow me to visit the classroom and watch all this magic happen.