15-08-20 Kingsley: Haircut

Saturday 15th August 2020

Its been a long time and a lot of hair growth. Today Kingsguard has his mop chopped by none other than Scott – the only person we allow near Kingsley’s hair. Short on the side, really short at the nape, messy on top. Kingsley gets a gift too: his very own pot of gel.

Γιαγιά Dora took him to the salon then to Eastgardens, bypassed Coles much to Kingsley’s disappointment (those mini treehouse books are his current obsession) though they did pop into KMart and Kingsley almost persuaded Γιαγιά to get him more bloody Pokemon cards. Mind you this morning Linus and I played Pokemon on his bed while I fed all three Hartley children eggs sunny side up.