05-09-19 Kingsley: Dentist

Thursday 5th September 2019

Today daddy was Class Parent much to your delight and pride. Daddy arrived into class at 9am for roll call even joining in the “good morning/hello and how are you” dance before sitting diwn at a station to await groups of your class mates. Daddy helped with words containing ‘th’.

Later in the morning quite randomly you call out, “Miss Panousis, today I go see the dentist”. Then answered her that yes, you like seeing your dentist. Its directly after jiu-jitsu.

Good news: no fillings. And a surprise: two molars have come through. No wonder you’ve had your hands in your mouth this past fortnight! So there you go; another milestone passed – the getting of molars. Kingsley aged 5 years 8 months.