15-02-21 Twins: Birthday Gifts from Mika

Monday 15th February 2021

The hideous yet necessary IKEA visit takes us to the cemented Tempe, Keanu staying home with Γιαγιά taking a walk around the corner just so we can make our escape with Elektra unobserved. She’s a jolly girl on the car ride there, once arriving telling me she wants “wee”, does her wee on the loo, washes hands (‘hands?’ she asks tone inflection to indicate will you allow me to wash my hands at the sink?) then hungry nods profusely and replies ‘ναι’ when I ask her if she’s hungry. The 10 chicken nugget pieces for $6 does the trick; eats 3 all by herself.

That’s the arvo. In the morning Keanu happily plays with his tiny train set and Elektra drinks from her mug, both gifts from Aunty Mika for their 2nd birthday.