21-03-18 Camping at Oma’s

Wednesday 21st March 2018

While Kingsley spends his first nights and days ever away from mummà – playing in Oma’s garden, swimming in Oma’s pool, cooking in Oma’s kitchen, shopping with her too – I get time to myself! Today I pay 2 year old Penny – Carl & Mel’s daughter – a visit in Chermside. Carl is Erroll’s first Dubai flatmate and in Erroll’s words, the main reason why he stayed in the job (and in Dubai). Good people indeed.

Unbeknownst to Kingsley he ‘gave’ Penny all sorts of pressies from his vast collection. A whistle, a bubble-maker, colored pencils, craft book, a stamp, an orange Emirates school bag and plush elephant, a box of ‘opposites’ puzzles.

While this was happening, Oma sent me delightful messages of how Kingsley was enjoying his time with his Oma…

“We are just back from buying a fresh sourbread. We are hungry mummy.
Making bacon 2 eggs milk then a baby chino up the road to start.

Let me tell conversations are very calm, so easy and last night he said, Oma please bed time I am sooooo tired!

He just called out from the lounge, something smells so good Oma, bacon my darling I said!

Kingsley and I have a wonderful loving hilarious time for sure.!He wants me to come home with him, so sweet .

Kingsley just beat Oma eating his breakfast. Fresh bread, butter with Vegemite, bacon 2 scrambled eggs, glass of milk and 1 big glass of water.
Later because is good Oma will give him a surprise, cause he just told me so.

He had a fab breakfast. We are going for babychino and me a latte. Then off to Ballina. Then playground if it’s not pouring, very grim skies at the moment.

Not a peep, just said once, that was mummy’s bed and mummy and daddy went camping.
Keeps telling me I love your house Oma, makes me bloom.’