22-02-21 Twins: Elektra’s First Day at Nursery

Monday 22nd February 2021

Manage to get this little lady on the bus bound for Platinum Daycare for her first experience at childcare and indeed anywhere without me or Erroll or Γιαγιά. She played so well…then at afternoon nap time she lost her marbles. Didn’t close an eye! Howled the house down! Erroll recieved a call from the centre while flying! I’m in my first day of lectures! But my mother’s instinct told me to leave the library and check on her and sure enough the ladies tell me she hasn’t slept. But did remarkably well going to the toilet!

Later on at night laying in bed Elektra – all calmed down and happy to be safe at home – tells me how wonderful her day was. Answering yes to all my questions. Knows a new word: hat! And also tells me by way of patting her pillow that she would have preferred that her educator lay with her in bed to help her fall asleep.