06-10-19 Twins: Dubai Bound

Sunday 6th October 2019

We are bound for Dubai! Our very first holiday as a family of 5. I’m nervous and can’t wrap my head around all what can occur on board with three kiddies. But my anxiety is for nought! A litany of good occurrences makes our inaugural flight actually pleasant. Connor, Erroll’s mate on ground blocks off two rows for us; I bring our two massive and comfortable Tempur pillows thus rendering our two rows long luxurious beds. The Rooster-Raiders game is on live. Erroll’s mate is operating as Purser so the gifts and attention are endless. The Roosters go on to win the NRL Grand final. Erroll is poured Dom all flight. Kingsley is a dream not a peep from him and doesn’t resist sleeping. I actually sleep. Passengers commend our quiet and sweet children saying my parenting is fantastic.

And those 14 hours in the sky pass so well, all hungry mouths fed, no crying, no fussing, just a drop or two of Zyrtec down their throats and some Bonjela on their gums, and the twins are like yeddy bears.