05-10-20 Kingsley: Feeding Swans

Monday 5th October 2020

He remained adamant all the way from Wubala Park to Centennial Park. ‘I am not going to feed the ducks. I want to go to the γουστάρω! No ducks!’ But once there at the duck pond Kingsley changed his mind. ‘Oh, I’ll just give them one slice of bread…’ he mutters, eyes wide and excited to see the swans gathering. A bevy of swans! [Or a wedge of swans when in flight]. Out he gets from the car, flip flopping towards the grey cygnets tossing mouldy sour dough at them. He’s delighted.

For his good ways in spending the time to feed the birds and be together as a family (for it was my wish to feed the ducks today) Erroll takes Kingsley to the φουσκωτά at the EQ, second day in a row. Its a hot day, sun blazing and just as well the wet water slide is open for the kiddo goes up and down it at least 40 times. Wearing his rashie, SPF, flip flops and swim trunks (the ensemble comes with us everywhere every day now that summer is basically upon us) he’s a force of nature. So fit! Daddy has a blast too having a go on the dodgems, again!