27-09-20 Kingsley: Miss Daniela’s Birthday Cake

Sunday 27th September 2020

So recently Kingsley has become obsessed with BAKING in the morning and I have to say that even amid the chaos of the three children waking up needing oh so many things and all my attention I don’t have it in me to say no to the child when his creativity wants to manifest in a baked good. Especially when that baked good is for another person. On Friday it was cookies for Miss Sanzari. Today a vanilla raspberry and strawberry bundt cake to help celery Miss Daniela’s Birthday, today.

Decorating the cake, Kingsley goes for a vanilla icing topped with berries, walnuts and hidden in the centre a fluorescent Ooshie (!).

At Daniela’s our child is applauded, hugged, admired and complimented for the idea of this cake came not from me but from Kings himself. In return Daniela gives Kingsley a bag full of gifts to take home.