12-02-19 All Day with JiaJia

Tuesday 12th February 2019

Oh its a rough night with these two hungry and unsettled lipids. Between the hours of midnight and 6/7am I am on a hamsters wheel of changing nappies, washing bums under taps, settling, dressing, feeding, burping, topping up, settling, looking for dummies, swaddling, re-settling, pumping milk, bottling, re-feeding (why always so hungry in the middle of the night!), changing nappies…and round the wheel again. But multiply it by the two limpids, add sleep deprivation and my gritty eyes for full effect.

Nonetheless I manage to express enough milk to feed these two while I’m out for most of the day. Erroll and I have chores to run! Appointments to keep! And our original Ninii to heap attention on. In fact from the hours of 5:30 through 7:30 I am at Kingsley’s school attending the event ‘meet the teacher Miss Panoussis’ among all my fellow Purple Kindy Class parents. I am for these hours devoted to Linus while JiaJia Dora is dedicated to these stinkbombs…

As such I feed the babies till they’re brimful of milk, kiss the twins farewell and scoot out the door. So light!