04-10-17 Summer is Back

Wednesday 4th October 2017

Its a scorcher in Saronītha today. Warm even at 8:33am when we rush downstairs – late, may I add – to the awaiting sxoliko. With over 11 hours sleep under your belt you wake with ease at 7:30am and proceed to eat an apple then a banana. I know immediately that we’ll be hitting the beach this arvo for a swim in the salty water and take our beloved outdoor shower with the lone Saronītha seagull our companion.

The last swim we’d enjoyed was a fortnight ago in Sounio. Since then nothing and certainly not here at main beach. However every day more and more reports come our way that our beloved Saronic gulf waters are clean and safe, free of pollution caused by the oil tanker sinking near Salamina. So we swim today and laugh in mirth as you shoo away all the small fish which have gathered around the swimming steps. You’re determined to go in. I take advantage and wet your hair; it’ll be my excuse to finally wash your hair after far too long between rinses.

Summer is back. Yippee…