Kingsley: Breakfast with Mumma

Friday 4th July – Independence Day in the USA!

King and I were very pleased to find out that Erroll was not to fly today. His Reserve Month has suited us so well: in the main staying at home, not many flights at all, in fact. And today, on Independence Day, he is with us again!

To celebrate, Kingsley allowed us all to sleep in: softly babbling to himself at 9:30AM in a bid to wake his dozing parents. King sleeps between us – always has – and is a very content, care-free baby for it. Breakfast time is unreal too: we listen to Celine Dion live in Boston belt out Drove all Night (which upsets Erroll no end) and eat rice cereal mixed with banana and mummabear milk. Mooo!

Breakfast at Alice's Diner

Breakfast at Alice’s Diner

Rice Breakfast 015

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