05-07-20 Twins: Isaac’s Party

Sunday 5th July 2020

Erroll’s flying leaving the house at 6 minutes later crying – its Keanu so I gingerly leave a sleeping Elektra and cuddle the sopping Keanu wet through to his gro-bag, little guy pissed himself again. And from that minutes till now at 7pm its all systems go.

The three kiddies are with me walking to Isaac’s 7th birthday party held at Baker Park. It takes an hour! But blessedly the babies sleep and even better wake peacefully and quietly (no alarming screeches from Elektra).

They’re ready to baby walk in Baker Park sun shining on them while big bro Kingsley plays with his buddies. Later on we celebrate cousin Pipi who turns 30. The babies are playful (Keanu with cars, Elektra with girls Mia & Ava at the craft table), passing out oh so easily come 6pm.