19-12-19 Twins: Zoo

Thursday 19th December 2019

As a family of five we today are bound for Taronga Zoo, again. 29 days we ago we were here and vowed to return as soon as our crazy lives allow. Well its the first day of school holidays and its Kingsley’s wish to visit the giraffes, elephants, alpacas, goats and pigs (feeding them by stealth our banana peel) while the babies make poos and are showered (yes, I discovered a shower in the disabled loo down from the petting enclosure).

Ten months later I’m so much more confident taking all three kiddies out; those difficult first months of the newborn phase all but erased and replaced by romanticised versions in my head and in the cute photos.

Now I feed the babies where ever I can find. Today they were fed while plonked on the ground in the petting enclosure water Dragons to the right of us, hungry ibises to the left. The Dragons’ preference is the lamb stew squeezie while the birds pecked at the babies’ teething rusks.