31-12-19 Twins: NYE

Tuesday 31st December 2019

Daddy’s stuck in Launceston for your very first New Years Eve. But boy didn’t you both have a ball with your big bro today. He insisted on bouncing you on his knee, carrying you everywhere, submitting you in Jiu-jitsu moves, rattling your brains on the trampoline. I’m powerless in persuading him to stop carrying you guys around now.

While Keanu sleeps Elektra and Kingsley accompany me to the shops then we all three of us thinking ‘let’s go to the beach’. My brain doesn’t have to ask me twice – I’m down with it as is Elektra whom we dunk in the fresh Pacific Oceania water after Kingsley throws himself into waves.

Latest news is that Elektra keeps on pulling Keanu’s hair, yanking his dummy and taking any toy he’s holding. Mainly he fights to keep his toy but he’s powerless over her pincer-like grip of his fine hair. And he WAILS.