11-02-18 Oz Day 21

Sunday 11th February 2018

How we manage all the activities and long commutes is anyone’s guess. Today we’re off to two parties – the Sanna’s big Italian feast in Deniston East and drinkies with Rodney & Amina at The Beresford.

Sylvia makes life easy by dropping us at Central so the next 30 minutes on the train to Deniston is a breeze and we’re in such good moods we walk to Maria’s  (through a tiny woodland no less). All guests on time precisely at 12noon and all kids anongst the toys/games /back yard shoeless by 12:05.

Highlights include 1) Kingsley being given a wheelie-bike by Julia…and now fortuitous for Kingsley smashed his own one down the stairs yesterday! 2) The delicious fresh-made pasta that Kingsley categorically demonstrated his satisfaction with by eating an entire bowl full. Plus the home made bread. Plus the three chicken drum sticks. He declined a piece of sticky date pudding though. 3) Alana teaching Kingsley how to do forward rolls on the trampoline. And in fact all the kids including him in games of cricket, table tennis, building things.

By 6 Kingsley and I are outside the doors of The Beresford – me carrying a bkue Coles bag and Kingsley scooting on his new purple wheelie bike. Astonishingly enough the bouncers let us in…and in we confidently stride to find Rodney among the gorgeous gay crowd.

As Melanie Commons noted afterwards – Kingsley is so versatile fitting in among any scene and being a very pleasant little man to have around. Of course Rodney made every effort to have fun with him and in fact us three leave The Beresford for some Taylor Square laneway adventures.