11-04-17 Erroll knows

Tuesday 11th April 2017

News of our pregnancy is leaking…and I am the only source. It’s as though my thrill just won’t be contained in my heart. This big mouth opens up amid zero self-control, I want our family to rejoice in the news so the instant I find the opportunity to share it, I do. Various uncles and aunts by 12 noon are in the know that I am pregnant. It started with Danæ who called me today and fearing the awkwardness of withholding this miracle, the news popped straight out of my willing mouth. ‘I’m pregnant!’ Mihâli and Giōrgio were spending the day with mumma Dora and Marìna so of course I blurted it out, so enthusiastically that I began fearing the exact opposite of before: this unbridled eagerness for approval from others was placing this baby’s development in jeopardy. By 12:30pm my mind was exploding from over-analysis. Calm down Aliki and go get something to eat; you are clearly suffering a sugar dip.

However telling the father of this child was as natural as me loving the man. Erroll I noticed was on line; a couple of email exchanges in quick succession confirmed to me he is still in Brisbane and even better, among his friends. When one partner is in Europe and the other is in Australia and a face to face chat is the only way to communicate, we bless up for the folk who designed Skype. I called; Erroll answered and my usual cloudy small talk disguised my surprise. ‘Of course’ Erroll answered when I asked whether he was among friends. And sure enough Carmen and Matt give me greetings and smiles. ‘Perfect then. I want you to be surrounded by friends darling cause I have some news’ was how I couched it adding for dramatic effect a grimace effecting a sad face. At this point Erroll gathers Matt to his right and Carmen to his left and I let it rip: ‘I AM PREGNANT DARLING!’

Under the Saronìtha town square trees Skyping with Erroll