22-03-19 Twins: Separated

Friday 22nd March 2019

At 9:30 tonight I receive a call from Erroll. His plane diverted to Cairns and it won’t make curfew. He’s stuck there…and I’m here in Sydney with 3 kids. Kingsley won’t sleep by himself, Elektra is fussy / hungry. Keanu needs that dummy in his mouth to relax. I’m pumping milk, preparing formula and rearranging sleeping quarters. Kingsley and Elektra will sleep with me. Keanu with Jiajia.

Elektra is farting like a sailor. No longer crying hysterically as she was from 3am till 7 because that whopper poo cleared out the blocked pipes. And perfectly timed clear out because today at 2:45pm  when I exited the front door to fetch Kingsley i truly wondered / worried she’d be fussy and distressed like she was all night till daybreak.

But Jiajia told me otherwise: Elektra and Keanu slept the longest they’ve ever slept with her. Not a peep. From 2:45 through to 6:30pm. She even had tinr to vook chickpea soup!

So now at 10pm with Elektra between Kingsley and I, I’ll see what the night holds. A first- twins separated!