21-01-18 Traveling to Oz

Sunday 21st January 2018

Waking a very passed out Kingsley at 11:30pm to get us to the airport on time for our 2aam flight was – for the first time in our years of travel – unpleasant. He was stone cold out of it when we attempted to get him up. Cried a lot too. But then we’re in the cab and the familiarity of the ride, the roads, the night lights and tunnels to the airport elevate his spirits and before we know it he’s talking like the seasoned traveler he is: are you flying with us daddy? I’m visiting JiaJia Dora on Coogee and Dorothĕa the cat. We are flying in an airplane soon. I will watch movies on the airplane all night.

As for what happened on board. Hmm. An overbooked flight (by 30 no less) meant every single seat was taken. Kingsley and I were in the extreme comfy as we had an aisle. We ate our special meal (low fat/low cholesterol) breakfast at 3am Dubai time then passed out. He ended up laying across our two seats while I curled up in the nook between his bony elbow and the seat arm rests before giving up and flopping to the floor.

I’m woken at the next service (lunch); Kingsley’s still out of it so I eat his roll too. Then he wakes and for the next 7 hours he’s up and active.

No photos taken on board – not even with the cabin crew polaroid – as by the final hour I’m delirious and he’s hyper.

Touchdown Sydney at 10:30pm band on curfew.