36 Weeks: Pregnant Weddings

2013 has been all about weddings and babies. Newborns and nuptials. Our own pregnancy has been documented throughout our friend’s own wedding days with two already past (Matt & Trina’s big day in April, then Camilla & Adams’ in early November) and one to go (November 22nd shall be Rio and Adam’s big day, with Seahorse by that stage being 38 weeks along.)

To be honest, all these wonderful diversions are a tonic to the stress of carrying our wee Seahorse to full term. Being part of this close circle of friends, and laying witness to their own evolution into adulthood (read: marriage, babies, families) is tonic for Erroll and I who, we are not too proud to admit, are nervous and jittery about becoming parents.

Here, below, Erroll conceals the splendid news that we are newly pregnant. That smirk I know all so well. No one at Matt and Trina’s wedding knew we were carrying Seahorse…

Matt & Trina Wedding Rixos Hotel 081

The Seahorse’s folks – when Seahorse was but a few weeks gestation: at friends Matt & Trina’s Dubai wedding April 2013

And here, below, there is no disguising the fact: with a belly like mine, stuffed into a silk bridesmaid dress, and a face puffy like a squirrel, the Hartleys are indeed 9 months along…

Seahorse's folks at friends Camilla & Adam's wedding, 7th November 2013: here 36 weeks along

Seahorse’s folks at friends Camilla & Adam’s wedding, 7th November 2013: here 36 weeks along

How delightful: weddings and babies. Nothing quite like the joy both bring to a community of friends.

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