21-11-18 Nursing Home Visits

Wednesday 21st November 2018

These bebĕs are 27 weeks today. Doing kung-fu, kick boxing and muay thai 101 times per day gives me great hope they’ll come out big and strong. And very importantly, born full term. Kingsley these days likes to tell me that when the bebĕs cry he’ll stuff α πιπίλα in each of their mouths.

When I ask him how he’ll respond when they reach for βυζί he says he’ll reprimand them. Will they be a boy and a girl? Boys only is usually his answer though recently Kingsley has been warming to the idea of a sister.

Today three generations took to public transportation to visit one of mum’s oldest and dearest of friends, my Νονά’ς μαμά Τασούλα (known at the Mark Moran aged care facility as ‘Effie Panageotopoulos’). We walked a kilometer, caught the 353, bought a hot chocolate in Maroubra, took another bus to Little Bay and enjoyed a very riotous hour all four of us. Kingsley discovered the UNO set and we played on Τασούλα’ς bed, eating her yoghurts and κουλουράκια.