Kingsley: Calisthenics

Sunday 27th July 2014

Now that the child is finding his own strength and a sense of confidence about using his body, we are now on the cusp of ‘cruising’. Kingsley is a daredevil, willing to take risks attempting to standing up using his legs and arms as triangles, pointing his wee toes and tensing his leg muscles.

I, his mother, am utilized as leverage by the boy so that he can get up on knees, legs and toes. Tiny hands (and often sharp nails) grip the flesh on my back and Kingsley clamors up my back. He sometimes sits back on his haunches, sometimes hauls his mass up, reaching up with little hands so that his rigid thighs and stiffened calves keep the child upright. Better lessons in calisthenics I have never witnessed. What a champ!

Learning to crawl 012

Stand Ups 010

Harrison 005


Learning to crawl 005

Imogen 005

Sitting Up 004

Natan 003

Eid break 002






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