01-10-19 Twins: Γιαγιά Arrives

Tuesday 1st October 2019

An entire month has passed since these babies laid eyes on their γιαγια. And both do dance moves in their rockers when she cracks a smile in their direction. Elektra gives the widesr smile and swings her legs about. Keanu nuzzles into her neck and giggles. I’m quietly thrilled Mumma Dora is back as three kiddies took its toll on me!

Γιαγιά hasn’t lost her touch, putting Elektra to nap in her rocker something she did three times a day at the end of August. Back then Elektra took a dummy, both babies were napping 3 times a day and not eating much solids. Now she literally can’t lift them for their weight!

Here they are at lunch wearing the Bonds outfits Jodie & Roy Badawi gave them. Greek cinema is on, and very loud.