19-04-20 Twins: Χριστός Ανέστη

Sunday 19th April 2020

While Kingsley is glued to the phone playing games we four pay Rick & Renee a visit. Its Orthodox Easter so we feast.

Kiddies wear the outfits our dear friends get them for their first birthdays. Takes them a while to wake from a sleep in the car getting to Five Dock then they sleep heading home. And between the both they play. At first shy and unsure of these new people and strange surroundings. But once some bread and yoghurt is in their bellies the babies are off exploring.

That’s in the afternoon. In the morning γιαγια’ς baking is a highlight of our year. Mountains of τσουρέκι and loads of eggs to τσουγκρίση. But the babies have other ideas: they smash the eggs and destroy the τσουρέκια in the front garden.