Greece Summer ‘18: After School Routine

May 2018

Week 2 I’m ready for you, says Kingsley now that we’ve got our after school routine down. First off we drink our new milk obsession – the (pricey) red bottle of organic goats milk usually with Miss Venezuela or the newest community pupper, Asproüli, aging gracefully nearby.

Next it’s to the shops for an ice cream half of which is fed to the puppers (who don’t ever get up from their laying positions but lick away the stick held tight by the child). I’m feeding Kingsley ripe banana throughout. Banana in the afternoon is a must he tells me.

A visit to Mr Giorgio at his fourno for a 50 cent sesame kouloüri gives me an excuse to avoid the playground for one more hour though Kingsley howls till we go in the hope of meeting kid to play with (as if the 7 hours of play at school wasn’t enough.

I usually get my way and through trickery and lures we the child agrees to hitting the  birch for theee rest of the afternoon swimming and, this season, playing racket ball.